Many of our customers are wondering “when” and “how” they should use Gavi

To accommodate all the queries we’ve been receiving lately we outline these simple instructions:

Gavi powder will help You to keep harmony in your house, family and soul.

This method has been used in India for more than 4000 years. Not only does the powder disinfect the premises it also helps to eliminate “bad aura”.

We recommend you switch on nice relaxing music.

First you need to wipe or hoover the floor.
(If cleaning carpets, first hoover and then vacuum it whit Gavi, or simply wipe the carpet with wet cloth using Gavi powder).

After you have finished the first step, you will need to add Gavi to clean water (one pinch per bucket) – powder will have no fragrance when dissolved in water, then mop the floor and wash the floor with this mix.

On average 1 bag of Gavi will last for up to 5-6 times depending on the area you are cleaning.

Let harmony always live in your house
Created by: Olegs.Nechiporuks