Anna Paleychuk, age 31 ( Tenerife):  

- The first time I heard about usage of cow’s dung was in the Vedic tales I was very surprised. But being an experimenter by nature, I decided to test the effect of the believe. I do not go to India, and where I live, there are no cows. I had to wash up the first storey floor, it has bee a while since anyone has lived there, we keep there old things and furniture. This part of the house truly reminded of a haunted house. The atmosphere was unpleasant and my guests did not like to be there. Some one gave me Gavi as a present and I used it in cleaning the house. The result surprised me deeply. The old things remained where they were, but the bad vibe was gone, it became much easier to be in that part of the house ever since.

Natalia Averjanova, 37 years (Moscow):

 - I wanted to share my impression about Gavi. I added it to the water while washing the floor. It felt so fresh afterwards ( it usually feels so). But this time was special. I liked it. Thank you very much for that. Do I have to use it every time or once in a while? I will now try to put Gavi on a window sill, maybe the money will appear =)

Created by: Olegs.Nechiporuks