1 Pack of GAVI - 4.00 EUR / 5 USD

About Powder GAVI:

* The word “Gavi” in Sanskrit means “from the cow”. According to Veda the Cow is the Sacred animal. Each product the Sacred animal provides people with – is the gift of God and brings everyone the bliss. 

* The Gavi powder has an organic origin for 100 % - it consists of the eco-cow’s dung only. We use the unique recipe and technology. 

* Just add the pinch of Gavi into the water you wash the floor (also doors and windoes) with and your home will be blessed. 

* The Gavi powder clears out the negative energy from the premises – it’s not a coincidence that exactly the cow’s dung is used to produce the famous Indian aromatic sticks.

 * We also recommend you to use Gavi as a real symbol of money attraction into your life. 

Created by: Olegs.Nechiporuks